1K Members Raising 1M Dollars

Blue Streak Scholarship Fund is raising the bar and hosting the very first 1,000 Club launch party in an effort to grow the scholarship fund to $1,000,000. The purpose of the 1K Club is to grow our membership and encourage long term annual support and recurring giving throughout our donor base. This will ensure that Blue Streak will continue to provide scholarships annually to the children of the Jubilee Catholic Schools. The goal is to bring the community together in providing a Catholic education and better future for our children.

Membership is critical to Blue Streak’s annual commitment to the Jubilee Schools!

By joining Blue Streak, we are asking you to make a financial commitment. Please consider a monthly pledge or annual contribution. Every level of participation strengthens the foundation of Jubilee support for years to come.


$120/ year = $10/ month


$600/ year = $50/ month


$1200/ year = $100/ month


$4000/ year = $334/ month

Please help us reach our goal of 1,000 participating members by making your recurring donation today.

You may also mail in your pledge form.

Making a pledge is an easy and painless way to spread your donation out over time. Download, complete and return our 1K Club pledge form and we’ll take care of everything else.

All donor information is confidential and is never shared with sources outside of our organization. Please indicate if you would like for your donation to be anonymous and we will not include your name on our website.

Please download and read our complete privacy and refund statement.