Scholarship Captains

The Blue Streak Scholarship Fund would like to thank the following people for committing to raise $4,000 this year for a scholarship for a student at the Jubilee Schools of Memphis. By raising $4,000, this team will actually provide two scholarships due to the generosity of the matching funds made available by the Hyde Family Foundation.

  • Andrew McDermott in honor of Gene McDermott
  • Alan Gates
  • The Schadt Foundation
  • Julie Bishop in honor of Mike Bishop
  • David & Jill Ann Zaleski
  • Becky Fields, Scholarship Captain for Circle of Friends
  • Douglas Family in honor of parents
  • Bluestreak Invitational

*Scholarship Provider

Blue Streak Partners

Blue Streak Partners support the organization by donating between $1,200 and $4,000 per year. All Blue Streak partners are also Sustaining Members.

Thanks to our Blue Streak Partners for the 2010 / 2011 Scholarship Year.

  • Metro Officials
  • Rob Hendry
  • Don & Francis Moore

Honorariums / In Memory Of

In Honor of Steve Fracchia by Emerge Memphis – On behalf of the Emerge Memphis board of directors and staff, we greatly appreciate your service and commitment to our organization over the last decade. This is a small expression of thanks for your time and loyalty

  • In Honor of the Edward Kaiser Family by Kermit B. “Kai” Kaiser
  • In Honor of the Mark Mosteller Family by Kermit B. “Kai” Kaiser
  • In Honor of the priests that serve St. Louis Parish – a scholarship has been provided by the Steve McBride, Scott Werner and Ray Fracchia families

If there is a mistake in the way your name is listed or in your honorarium or in memory of, or if you wish to be deleted from this page, please go to the “contact us” page and send us an email and we will make the corrections immediately. We are sorry in case of any mistakes.

Matching Gifts

Companies that offer matching gifts for their employees

We are blessed to have companies that understand the importance of the Jubilee Schools of Memphis. These companies match their employees’ contributions to the Blue Streak Scholarship Fund. Thank you to following companies for realizing that we can make a difference by educating our children