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Be a Blue Streak Scholarship Captain and Send a Student to School for a Year!

One of the most important aspects of Blue Streak Scholarship Fund, Inc. is raising funds to provide tuition assistance to the Jubilee School students in Memphis, TN. You can support this cause by becoming a Scholarship Captain. In a nutshell, a Scholarship Captain is simply someone who steps up and takes responsibility for raising $4,000 over the course of the year.

Although it may seem like a huge amount to commit to, the Scholarship Captain program has been our most successful way of directly impacting the number of students who can attend a Jubilee School.

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Answers to Some FAQ’S That We Hope Will Inspire You To Be A Scholarship Captain

Do I commit to providing the $4,000 by myself?

No, in fact the majority of our scholarships come from groups such as companies, families, prayer groups, and ball teams. Your commitment is to be the leader in pulling these funds together.

Can a scholarship be given in Honor or Memory of someone?

Absolutely, the majority of the scholarships raised are in fact in the Honor or Memory of an individual, family and company that has undertaken this initiative. It is a tremendous way to recognize a friend or loved one.

Do all of the funds have to be raised by a certain date?

Generally speaking, we would like to have your commitment to raise the funds as soon as possible and no later than our beginning of the year kick off Mass in the Fall.

A couple other items to note — Blue Streak is more than happy to help you in any way. This includes any administrative action related to raising your scholarship and speaking engagements with you to present our information on the Jubilee Schools.

In the past, we have done fashion shows, speaking engagements, and themed events to support our scholarship captains.