Ways To Help Kids Who Hate Haircut

Getting a haircut is always fun for adults. We will be excited about a new haircut and thereby the look. Especially about short curly bob hairstyle which is in this content.

On the contrary, toddler hates haircut. The reason behind this is that kids have extreme sensitivities and so they have a fear of haircut. However, there are ways to help kids who hate haircut. It particularly includes the necessary steps to be taken before, during and after the haircut.

Steps to take before the hair cut

fear of getting hair cutRole-play – You have to spend some time and have a role play with your kid for a haircut. For instance, you can take a doll and give it a haircut. And ensure you do this with a toy scissor. Your kids will observe what actually a scissor does. This will reduce the fear of getting hair cut.

Use safe words- It is very important to have an eye on the words you use.  When you use words like a cut or it may cause harm and even like it is not safe will accentuate the fear of haircut. The kid may perceive that as this is a cut the hair it may also cut its head. So use words like,” going to trim your hair”, “going to have a pretty hair” and something like “going to have a handsome hair”, etc.

Make kids watch hair cutting videos- It is highly helpful to show your kids videos of kids getting hair done without the fear haircut. This will play a vital role in getting rid of the fear of getting a haircut.

Show haircut lives-You can take your kid another family member is having a haircut. This will also help in the reduction in fear of haircut.

Make the salon – a known place – Taking your toddler to a new place itself will create lots of troubles. Make the salon a known place for him once or twice before having an actual haircut.

Try to make and home appointment -If your kid, is not very comfortable outside, you can better avail for a home appointment.

fear of haircuts

During a haircut

Bring a familiar towel from home and use your own hair cutting cape. This sends of familiar it will reduce the fear of haircut.

Make your child wear a button-up shirt. This will make it easy for you to remove the shirt as soon as the haircut is over. You can avoid the spread of tiny hair over his body.

After the haircut

It is important to encourage your toddler. So after every haircut, reward him by getting him ice cream, taking him to the favourite park or meeting up a favourite person.

So instead of the fear of getting a haircut, the toddler will be excited about going to the new place or meeting the most favourite person, when they realise they are going to get a haircut.